How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace

A HBR blog post (read ) gives some tips like -introduce members to each others’ strengths, rotate power, consistent communications etc.

What HBR mentions, is basic. We should go further:

-clear goals are not enough, a clear plan is essential. A few key members should prepare a rough and realistic plan and circulate for improving it while the team is being brought together.

-The work plan must be subjected to further shoot outs to understand risks and uncertainties. The plan should be revised to address these.

-Thinking patterns of members (some are more critical, some overtly optimistic) should be utilized in the above steps.

-Ground rules for suggestions, criticisms, and idea generation should be established

The team leader’s job is to ensure the above. That is real leadership. For more tips,  select the ‘tips’ category from the drop-down on your right.

For learning leadership, consider our programs Learning Leadership at (web based) and the Lead to Regenerate program book


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