Your career and you…

A job for life is no more. Some of you may even be horrified if you are told that you will stay in your current jobs till you retire.

You expect your employer to train you and give you opportunities to add to your skills. You are right about that. A good employer should do that. However if you consider that you will switch your job several times in your career and that you may need to take up multiple careers in your working years, things don’t add up for you.

Things don’t add up for you even if you are with one of the top ranking employers and even if you are doing very well. Things certainly don’t add up for you if you are unhappy about your career for any reason.

Isn’t it a time for you to take a stock and find out what you need to do? What you surely need to do is to decide on those universally important capabilities which you are going to need irrespective your future career choices and positions.

Consider these leadership capabilities in their broadest sense -ability to make sense of multidimensional reality, ability to embed values in all actions, ability to generate and harvest ideas (leading to vision over time), having passion and commitment to stand for something, ability to frame actions, and ability to mobilize resources. And doing it all again and again.

The above abilities will stand you in good stead no matter which careers and positions you take. Whether you wish to continue to scale higher levels in your present career, whether you would like make a lateral shift, whether you would to start your own venture, or whether you would like to take up challenges in social arena you will find the above capabilities invaluable.

Give it a thought. Assess if your employers’ development programs address the above. Also consider this -will it not be prudent for you to invest your own time and money in learning and practicing the above, just like you would do to improve your physical health?

You can practice the above in almost any job. You just need to decide.

Do you really wish to leave your development to your current employer?


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