Why leadership development fails?

Leadership development fails because it is done through a training route and not a development effort. Training route is one of

‘broadcasting type’,

‘one size fits all type’,


‘throwing at and hoping something sticks type’

‘using someone else’s case studies’

If you consider that the only difference between a good leader and a good performer is that of difference in thinking habits, you can easily see that habit changing can’t happen through training route however great the content might be and however inspiring the faculty might be.

Changing habits takes time, it can’t be forced down someone’s throat. It has to come from within an individual. Yes, an individual is the key. An individual must be at the center of leadership development efforts. One can and should provide opportunities and reasons for learning leadership thinking habits. One should provide thinking tools for applying within the learner’s context. One should let the learner practice, practice hard. One should make help available, should the learner need it any time. One should have patience. A coaching and mentoring route is needed. This route should be:


‘learner sets the pace and emphasis type’

‘letting the learner capture realities and future needs type’

‘learning in learner’s own context type’

‘helping learner find own solutions and agenda type’

This what Leaning Leadership believes in. Learning Leadership programs (web based, face-to-face, and DIY book type) provide all above. Those who have tried find a difference. There is also a simple way of checking if leadership learning is happening.

Now the same thing is being said by Mike Myatt on Forbes read.

I did this at Global Weighing India (now part of Sartorius) during 1998 to 2001. We have been doing this at Learning Leadership. Try it out. Register at http://www.learning-leadership.com , write to me at support@learning-leadership.com


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