Learn to communicate through wild gestures..

A long long ago, you used to write down your thoughts in long hand and in sketches. You then learned to think through typing. Moving on, you learned to do texting using shortforms, numerals, and phonetics. You also learned to use touch for typing and tapping instead of typing and clicking. You learned to swype when touch typing got a little cumbersome and error prone.

Now if, what some companies like Microsoft are doing is an indication, you will have to learn expressing yourself through wild gestures a la gaming. Read this

Only thing that is not changing much is -you need quite a lot of unnecessary number of actions, whether clicks, taps, swipes or wild gestures, to do simple tasks. Try formatting text or insert an image in your report in Microsoft Word  or try uploading an image to facebook from your smartphone.

Wonder what people who design User Interface must be thinking.

There will be one unintended benefit though -you will exercise a lot more!


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