How to diagnose a business?

Solving business problems is tricky. One gets befuddled by a mix of immediate and long term, by urgent and important, by fires and smoke,  and by causes and effects. This gets only worse as one lurches from one problem to the another. Even in a fast changing business environment it is possible to regain a sense of logic and direction, if every now and then one pauses to take a snapshot like this.

Here are the steps to diagnose what is happening. Describe your goals, clarify how you will achieve them (strategy), determine processes you need for achieving the goals, identify required skills and related values (attitudes , beliefs) to run those processes well, and decide the kind people you need. Some thinking in the above areas and comparing them with what you have, should give powerful actions points.

Make these actions a part of your agenda and allocate a fixed part of your day to push this agenda. Things will start falling in place.

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