Teamwork? Don’t lecture.

All of us have been lectured on importance of being a team player and on team work. So it goes like this -I leave a job unfinished or badly done and decide to go fishing and if I find my team people complaining I tell them -” Don’t crib. After all we can be good only as a team” People will not argue against it, but they will surely dismiss this quickly and will wait for their chance.

‘Teamwork’ may be a holy word, but is a much hated word as well as in this  article

The real and recurring problems with teams are:

-lack of a clear goal or too narrow a goal (unexciting) or too big a goal (daunting)

-Not having skills to think in terms of projects and or processes needed to get work done

-Not having a discipline to work out the unknowns and assumptions early enough. This creates many causes of failures and blame games.

I feel that, while soft aspects of attitudes (openness, listening, sharing, cooperation) are important, the above ‘work’ related aspects vitiate the atmosphere soon and let attitudes harden.

Sound leadership provides these missing links instead of lecturing. You can learn it here: Learning Leadership at and the Lead to Regenerate program book


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