Gadgets and devices -biofeedback

New gadgets and devices are going to be available. I am talking about devices that give a biofeedback using sensors and of course computations that compare your style or posture or your form with good benchmarks.

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Inevitably your smartphone will pair with these devices to give you real time feedback if you land on the heels or forefoot or midfoot  while running. And of course the nerds might get mild shocks every fifteen minutes if they start slouching in their chairs.

Some of us might frown at this one more ‘intrusion’ of technology in our lives saying that most great athletes learned by relying on their body sensing and helped along by coaches. True, but to people like me who started running later in their lives these gadgets could be real boon, just like my heart rate monitor is.

It is another matter that for learning leadership no such gadgets are available. It makes sense to rely on coaches who give you feedback based your leadership workouts rather just listening to speeches, right?


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