Hacking away to get to something?

Every now and then people come up with new packaging for the old but not obsolete. For the tried and tested. New packaging because we love new things 🙂

Here is one:


This post talks about gaining insights by “subtracting” -taking away what not do -in order to find out what to do.  There is a warning as well at the end -the list of what not to do can be very long! It might also get very daunting.

Now Upanishada’s talk of peeling of an onion to get to the soul 🙂

If all this is too mystical or daunting to you, before giving up consider this:

Perhaps ‘what to (really) do” might be easier to find out. This can be done through what I call as ‘first principles’ thinking. Think what your customers want and don’t want. Ditto for your people. Ditto for yourself also. And the actions arising out of your answers. The last thing is a must.  If this turns out be still very difficult, try unburdening yourself from your past traumas, hurts, disappointments, failed relationships and what not. This too requires some talking to yourself and writing things out and some actions (yes!). And then get back to asking (imagine) your customers etc.

More help? Ideas? Leave your comments, get in touch, share.



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