Ideas or Execution? (Be Wary)

There are many who argue that it is the (quality) execution that differentiates successes from failures. There is even a popular book that has the word “execution” on its cover.

Here comes an article which says that Ideas are more important. Here it is

Be wary of such ‘this’ or ‘that’ questions. Here are some example of such framed dilemmas -cost or quality, speed or quality, customer satisfaction or costs, emotions or logic,,,,,The answer is usually ‘both’ or ‘beyond’.

In this case, the answer is ‘both’. Leadership is not so simple to get reduced to one word. If you have several ideas you need to figure which of these need to be implemented. You have to implement them well.

We all know this intuitively. Such articles present a part of the picture quite beautifully and forcefully. They serve a purpose if you ignored that part before -treat them more as reminders or pointers and not as prescriptions.


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