Getting new managers to start delivering

As companies start realigning their strategies and processes they need to bring in fresh managerial and technical talent. Often, initiating new people is handled through some orientation programme. it is expected that new people, particularly at senior levels are capable enough to take care of themselves.

But despite the increasing importance of a fast start, new managers face daunting obstacles in getting connected. Without some initial support and a framework for learning, many managers find it difficult to reach out to new colleagues themselves. For example, an older manager who’s just starting out at a new company may hold the traditional belief that you only go to higher-ups for advice and information. Thus she misses out on making connections with knowledgeable peers and subordinates. And managers of all ages worry that by asking certain questions, especially about [things such as] marketing processes, accounting practices, and budgeting, they’ll be seen as incompetent.

I had an initeresting experience at the organization I am consulting with. We had established a permanent process way through process measurements, process MIS and ongoing process improvement mechanisms. We recently initiated a VP Manufacturing using the process framework. The new VP got into his role very quicly. Of course , he was formally and informally introduced to the team. But, the process framework addressed his work related questions immediately and directly. It helped him assess existing situations quickly. It helped him taking an informed and independent view on what he should focus on straightaway.

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