Why define leadership?

Yes, why?

If you ask, as many definitions will come up as many people there are. Fine. But if you can’t agree within an organisation on what is leadership, how can you help people develop their leadership skills? How can you select right people? How can you’ see’ their progress on some kind of leadership continuum?

If you agree that having leaders at all levels is vital for your organisation, you need more than just a definition. You need means of

– ‘testing’ leadership qualities in real situations

– providing practice in real situations to improve skills

-providing coaching

At Learning Leadership, we have a generic definition of leadership which allows you to define your specific leadership requirements depending on your business or function or level of your people.

We define leadership as set of knowledge, abilities, skills, and values:

Belief that leadership can be learned and improved

Grasping ‘reality’

Defining and applying values

Generating and adapting ideas

Converting thoughts into actions

Learning and developing people

You can imagine that all the above elements can be adapted to your situation. For example,  the ability to generate and adapt ideas is generic and needed at all levels. At senior levels, this ability will mean ability to develop vision. You get there by ‘practicing’ at ideas level which can be day to day (small) or path breaking (large).

You can also imagine that each of the above can be learned and improved through specific exercises applied to real situations. We call them workouts.

This definition of leadership is at the core of our programs and we have name for this –Regenerative Leadership. We have chosen this name because the above skills, values, abilities regenerate time and resources when combined with knowledge of one’s are of responsibilities.

Learning Leadership programs can be accessed through dedicated workshops, one-to-one sessions, or through the web. A compact DIY program ‘Lead to Regenerate” is available in a program book format.

Why not try?



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