I like, I don’t like

Much of the growing up is about making choices. To watch this movie or to go hanging out with friends. To sleep or to go biking on a Sunday morning. Which college to go to and what courses to take. It is all about what I like and what I don’t like.

I always had tough time deciding because I liked to do many things and I liked many subjects -I loved languages like English and Marathi (my mother tongue) and even Sanskrit. But not Hindi (unfortunately, I thought). I used to be thrilled with science. Sciences and engineering turned out to be my career choice ultimately. That was more because I had to choose only ONE. That was India then, that is India even now.

It gets easier to make choices as you put on years behind you, because either your thinking hardens, or you  know your mind better(you think), or certain options (like running a marathon) don’t look realistic anymore or others make your decisions.

Not for me, not yet.

But you ask people who are in their twenties or you ask even  teenagers. They seem to be pretty clear about their choices.  Lucky chaps. They wouldn’t get stuck with things like I did -simply because I believed I could do anything and would end up liking it. Little did I realize that some fields and some occupations are highly limiting in scope. Little did I realize that in life you get judged not by what is your potential but you get slotted by what you have done before. And I was brought up to believe that ‘sky is the limit’ in anything that you wish to do well.

While I marvel at twenty somethings’ ability to be clear about what they don’t wish to do (there is a better clarity on what not), I have this feeling that they might be deciding too early. Or they might be deciding in ways that close their options too early. They may not be able to make out what their abandoned choices mean. Or they may come to realize that what they chose is not interesting anymore and that they have closed what might have been their other options.

They don’t seem to be asking many questions.


2 thoughts on “I like, I don’t like

  1. @Falguni: There is no bullet proof solution. Asking questions and examining own feelings about why those likes and dislikes are there and trying out things is all that is in our hands. Isn’t it?


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