Why not look for leadership potential and develop it?

Performance appraisal is universally detested by employees and loved by their bosses (not really, many bosses find them futile). My point is that performance appraisal, even assuming that it can be done fairly (for the company and the employee), has no diagnostic value and it has no predictive value.

But this post is about leadership potential and developing it.

Organizations and leaders are concerned about their future. Is this person going to improve? Will she be able to take up more responsibilities? Will he be able to put in place and develop a good team? and so on.  You wish to have a broad and rich view about every important person  in your team -where is she or he really going concerning leadership abilities. You know that knowledge and specialist skills can be assessed and can be enhanced too. But when it comes to leadership skills it gets complicated. You see an articulate and knowledgeable person and you think you have found  a leader. You see a reticent person and you are ready to hand down some back end jobs to such a person.  You could be wrong about both.

What then is the solution?

Here it is: Our Learning Leadership *programs consist of a series of workouts designed to use leadership principles for thinking about business, work, and behavioral aspects and coming up with personal action plan. The workouts reveal grasp of reality, application of logic, creative thinking, values, bias for actions, commitment to self improvement, and many other areas about the person working them out. The very tangible evidence of all above makes it possible to assess how well this person will develop and how well he or she will perform in the short or medium term. More importantly, it can be used to coach the person for assisted self-development.

Such qualitative insights into a person and ability to predict, diagnose and correct the person’s development path are invaluable to any leader. It goes without saying that deriving all this from an employee’s workout needs an experienced Regenerative Leadership Coach. Learning Leadership will be happy to offer all this.

Why not go for it?

* this is a web based learning and coaching platform.  “Lead to Regenerate” program book can also be used for face-to-face group workshops or in self learning mode. You can order it here or from any leading bookstore.


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