Junk the ‘heroic’ model of leadership

Around the Women’s Day, the discussion on this subject had an added intensity. Much of the suggestions dealt with what should the corporations do, how men’s attitude needs to change, security aspects, work-life balance etc. A blog post on the WSJ argues that the real hurdle in women’s career growth is the amount time that they need to put in and what companies can do to organize work.

Rightly so -there is a lot to do in all these areas.

I think we are missing an important point -pressed as they are for time, how women should get the best out of their time at work.  It seems to be a given thing that as you climb the career ladder you need to put in more and more time at work.

The notion that when you have higher level of responsibilities or you are handling bigger sales revenue you need more time is absurd. It also makes a mockery of the thing called ‘organization’ which supposedly has people at different levels and in specialist positions and that these people are responsible for their work. The argument that ‘buck stops here’ is wrongly used.

The buck stops at every leadership level -the leader must make sure that people in the team are doing their own jobs.  Most fail. Leaders become ‘pure’ managers who somehow manage to get results -make hard workers do more, take short cuts, put in more personal efforts, put off important work with long term consequences. In short they don’t lead.

Everyone who works this way has to put in a lot of time at work. Much more than needed causing burnouts, health or family issues. Unfortunately leadership is implicitly made synonymous such ‘heroic’ methods.  It necessary to junk such a ‘heroic’ model of leadership.

That is where the model of Regenerative Leadership comes in. This model helps ‘creating’ time.  It puts focus and onus on an individual to learn powerful techniques and thinking patterns. Current and potential women leaders can benefit because they have to accept this unhappy trade off between work that they enjoy and the family they cherish.

Men can benefit too.

Programs are at Learning Leadership  (web based) at http://buff.ly/P2mKIj  and in the book form Lead to Regenerate program book http://buff.ly/P1TzFE. Workshops and face-to-face sessions are also available on request. Visit these links and write to support@learning-leadership.com


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