The Culture Fix

Every now and then the ‘Culture Fix’ appears. A research paper is published to show what the culture fix achieved and what it did not. Everything from revenue growth to employee satisfaction is shown to have changed dramatically due to the  culture fix.

Here is one more article on the subject. A $15,000 desk, an oriental rug, shift to another office, banning people from checking emails during meetings, a two day trust building meeting, deploying 15 culture champions and such ‘powerful’ actions fix culture. So it seems. And yes there is also a famous ‘work-not-from-home’ edict as part of this culture thing.

And the astonishing thing is that these fixes are said to work. Even more astonishing is that management experts consider these worthy of research.

Every time a new CEO arrives he or she talks ‘culture’ which was just fine until the day before. No wonder that employees get thoroughly cynical of any such talk.

Real changes in culture happen through a passionate, committed, and consistent leadership at various levels and which has a firm long term agenda other than just bonuses. Culture changes ever so slowly and through change of thinking , through the way values are practiced (used for making all decisions), through improving business processes and through making tangible difference to customers, employees, vendors, and then other stake holders. None of it is dramatic and none of it gets easy press. And management folk falls for culture fixes. That is the problem.




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