Order “Lead to Regenerate” on flipkart!

Share the link, order it, use it, develop your team, review it.

The program book for learning Regenerative Leadership “Lead to Regenerate” can now be easily purchased on flipkart.com  (direct link http://buff.ly/ZJiNxT )  Book reviews by business leaders and experts are here

The book is meant for your ‘use’ . Do buy copies for yourself,  your team members, and have it  ‘used’ by them. It will do much more than expensive management development programs on practically a shoe string budget. Rs 699 per person and the person’s about 16 hours of ‘own work’ over a couple of weeks and a small monitoring effort. That’s all!

You may contact the publisher for corporate and quantity discounts here:

The Word Bookshop, 899 Boottee Street, Pune 411001. 020-30580010/11/13 – 09370678113. thewordbookshop@gmail.com



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