Fodder for your learning

Learning to lead? First, give some thought to how we learn.

We all begin our life learning. We see infants and toddlers learning all the time. They get up and fall. They get up again. They try to climb, they slip. They climb again. They try to catch a ball, they miss it. They try again. They try to utter a word that they hear, they make strange sounds. They try again. They take all the help they can grab. They imitate, try, and they improvise. They don’t give up.

In our schools too, we learn more by trying to solve problems, thinking  up an answers to questions than by just reading books and listening to lectures.

As we get mature, we start learning by asking questions to ourselves and through reflection, synthesis, hypothesizing, and experimenting. We should. Experimentation is same as trying and improvising by children.

Why should learning of leadership skills be restricted to lectures or presentations , reading others’ experiences, and solving others’ case studies? It shouldn’t be.

Since leaders think differently and in better ways, learning should involve thinking ‘differently’ kind of habit forming practice. Thinking needs some fodder. What better fodder than your own work situations -goals and issues, logic, emotions, and decision making? This fodder also allows experimentation and improvisation which others’ case studies can’t.


If you think you and your team need such leadership practice, you can have it through the  ‘Lead to Regenerate Program Book‘ or ‘Learning Leadership‘ web site.


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