Lead to Regenerate tip: Avoid jargon

The ‘Lead to Regenerate‘ book and ‘Learning Leadership‘ programs avoid jargon. Why?

When you read jargon like ‘synergy’,  ‘buy-in’, ‘reach out’, ‘core competency’ , ’empower’, ‘engagement’ and so on,  there can be two possible effects.

If you are yourself guilty of using a particular jargon word without doing anything about it, your response might be -well this ‘sounds good’  and you will once gloss over it. You will not apply your mind to the subject under discussion. You will not decide on any action. To read such stuff is waste of your time.

On other hand, if you haven’t heard the jargon word before, (say a word like ‘swim lane’ ) you will not think further and skip the sentence. Few people ask questions admitting their ignorance. Again you have wasted your time.

Learning leadership is not about how much you ‘know’ . It is about how much and how well you think and apply important concepts to your work to come up with specific actions.

Try avoiding jargon when you think and communicate. Instead of ‘buy-in’  say ‘ let me make him or her see advantage of doing this’. Instead of ‘team work’ say ‘ let us define and stick to our respective roles’.  Instead of ’empowering’ say ‘ I will assign the powers to make these decisions to…’

You will use more words but you and your colleagues will be clear who is doing what. That is a big advantage of avoiding jargon.


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