Lead to Regenerate tip: Doing a good job is not going to be enough

Doing a good job is not going to be enough for your promotion.

To stake claim for your next promotion you should be seen to be doing  at least a part of what is expected at the next level of responsibility. You should know about the additional skills required and learn them to stake a strong claim!

For example if you are at the entry level,  you need soft skills like emotional leadership, communication and working in teams. What additional skills will you need be a group leader, section leader, project leader, or a manager? You will need skills like assessing people, work process management, allocation of work, counseling, some amount of “coaching” or people development, ability to identify and mobilize resources and … read more and about various levels in career planning

May be your company will sponsor you for a training program. May it has, but you didn’t learn the required skills. Do you wish to leave this to others when comes to learning what is vital for your career?

Invest in your own career and undertake programs at Learning Leadership (web based) or Lead to Regenerate (book form). You can fund your own development.


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