Lead to Regenerate tip: You don’t have to be a Superman or a Superwoman

Superman or Superwoman.

That is the way leadership is looked at.  Great leaders do not necessarily possess super-abilities. Some of them may have an outstanding feature like being tall, a baritone voice, a gaze that commands respect etc. Some of them may have some super talent like high intelligence, great memory,  Oratory skills, TV presence, creativity,  or capacity to work under pressure.

All these traits and abilities don’t add up to make a great leader. They aren’t enough.

But all great leaders have a sharp grasp of reality, a set of values, a  strong desire to act, and a good sense of what they would like to see being done.  These things give them confidence, energy, and stamina to stay course. They therefore attract right kind of people as well. Their charisma springs from all the above.

It is easy to see that anyone can learn about the above traits, practice them, and improve them. Drop any ‘heroic’, ‘larger than life’ notions of leadership.

Start practicing what is at the core of great leadership.


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