Lead to Regenerate tip: Put negative emotions to good use!

Sounds difficult? With some awareness, practice, and patience it is possible.

Let’s say you are angry about something (e.g. due to a missed promotion, or by being ditched by someone). Once you are aware of your anger, don’t deny it.Angermgmtcropped Just shift your focus from the person who caused it (or from any other cause) to what all you can do next. Give yourself a wide canvass of possibilities and start writing actions as they come to your mind. Done? Now just keep aside your notes and do something else. Return to your notes later and pick and choose your actions and plan their execution.

The method will work with other negative emotions as well.

Try it. The above method is better than any anger management method that you may have read. This is one of the many regenerative techniques you will find in the Lead to Regenerate book and in the Learning Leadership web based programs.



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