Lead to Regenerate tip: Use actions as a creative tool!

Seriously. Whenever you get (great) thoughts or ideas, try thinking up related actions. For example, I get this thought that I want to do something for sustainable energy.  Instead of just talking about it or just reading about it I can think using ‘actions’ as a tool like this:

What should I do?  There are two sides to energy sustainability -generation and consumption (the fact is there are more sides e.g. storage of energy etc. ).  Right. my action is: I will find at least one energy saving method with tangible impact.

Finding one method of saving energy is an action.  I can make it more specific by putting time frame to it, by selecting areas of energy saving and so on. Thinking of pointed actions** has helped me think better. I can think of more actions.

Restricting our thoughts to actions may seem like restricting creativity. It isn’t. Thinking of actions makes us think on what we can do, what we wish to do and what we ought to do. This focus can free us from random thoughts, clutter and getting tired.

Try this in the middle of a mad day!

** Learning Leadership at http://buff.ly/P2mKIj web based coaching programs and the Lead to Regenerate program book http://buff.ly/P1TzFE both have actions at the core.



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