Lead to Regenerate tip: Know your prisons well!

Let’s say you are approaching your boss. You have a proposal, perhaps just an idea to discuss with him. You think that your idea will make a big difference to your company’s growth. You start dreaming that you have become a hero who has helped his company to grow. You dream of praise and appreciation by not just your boss but also by your colleagues.

Just as you are coming out of the boss’s cabin your mood has changed. You are only thinking of several new deadlines. Of your idea -there is not a trace of it anymore. You find it is very hard to even think of it now.

Take some time to figure out what happened? Think what might have happened. Your boss never thought of as a someone with a brilliant mind. You were a Mr. Dependable. You were a Mr. Workhorse. In his eyes. You had sensed what he thought of you but you weren’t conscious of until now. What your boss thought of you was your prison. You were constrained to accept several new deadlines.

You may have earned your last raise because of being Mr. Dependable and  Mr. Workhorse. It worked for you then. It is not working now.

Supposing you were conscious of this particular prison. You could have practiced a steady gaze and a firm voice. You could have entered his cabin and you could have made your point quickly seizing the moment. Even if you had thought that the moment was not right  you wouldn’t have come out without feeling helpless. You could have thought of some other strategies as well.

We live in many prisons. People around us shape our behavior in subtle ways. Not all these influences are beneficial to us.

Be aware of your prisons. Do something about them. Leaders are not prisoners.

Our programs help you in deciding what to do about your prisons. Here they are:  Learning Leadership (web based coaching) at http://buff.ly/P2mKIj and the Lead to Regenerate program book http://buff.ly/P1TzFE


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