Lead to Regenerate tip: Know your people

By your people, I mean your team members, colleagues, people from customers or vendors.  Forget what they say. Focus on what they do, and how they do what they do. Focus on the feelings with which they do.

The last is the most important and is a bit hard to get. Let us say, your team member has just finished a task well and ahead of time.  Praise him. But find out more.  As you talk to him  about the task just done, you will discover more.  He may have done it out of some fear, or getting out of it, or in expectation of recognition, or with a sense of duty, or out of excitement.  He may have painstakingly eliminated errors, or he may have double-checked the work, or he may have discovered some time saving techniques, or he may simply taken some large risks.

The feelings associated with work reveal what are called as values, beliefs, or attitudes. People don’t change them often.


You will know what to expect from your people when you know their feelings about work that they do.


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