Lead to Regenerate tip: Prepare for your career transitions

Take the example of Reema, an ace software developer.  After a brilliant academic career, she joined  the application development group of a medium size software company.  Her programming skills and  her ability to grasp clients’ needs quickly brought her recognition. Her seniors started giving her more responsibilities.  She was soon catapulted into leading several teams.  It was as if the company had no one else capable enough.

She had no problem with technical challenges. But leading teams brought her entirely different kind of challenges. She had to plan projects or assess old plans. She had to breakup work and parcel it out to individuals. She had to assess people and resolve conflicts. She had to communicate with the clients.

Neither she nor her company had planned anything of this sort. Soon Reema was frustrated. She found another job.

Entirely opposite might also happen. You may have knowledge and abilities but you are not being stretched and tested. You are able to manage your work without much strain. If this continues, you may get rusted and you may not be able to stake a claim when an opportunity knocks.

Whatever the situation you are responsible for yourself, for your sake. You will need to prepare for your career transitions. The programs mentioned below will surely help you in taking charge of your career and learn those skills which you need today and which you might need tomorrow.

Learning Leadership at http://buff.ly/P2mKIj web based coaching program and the Lead to Regenerate program book http://buff.ly/P1TzFE



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