Don’t wait for your boss to send you for a training, don’t wait for tomorrow

Preparing for next career move? Look at the new skills that you might need.

There are specialist skills like programming in a particular language, drawing, mowing, cooking, interviewing,  use of  specific software packages, operating a machine etc.  You may need different specialist skills for different jobs. You can learn a few required specialist skills if you know your next career station.

However, there are certain skills which are useful in a large of number of jobs.  Leadership skills are needed in a large of number of jobs and situations. Leadership is a set of skills which includes abilities to define goals for a better future, to mobilize resources, and to implement changes for achieving the goals. If you have practiced these skills you can reuse them in new situations in future. You can easily see that you will need the above leadership skills in a good measure for any career advancement. Learning these leadership skills and displaying them in your current job itself will also help you get favorable attention of your peers and seniors.

While learning the specialist skills is straightforward (not necessarily easy), learning leadership skills is not. You have to learn them on your current job. You have to create those learning opportunities. Your boss might send you for a training program but she can not do leadership learning for you.

You have to take charge of your career and learn the above leadership skills through your present job. Don’t wait for your boss to send you for a training, don’t wait for tomorrow.

There will be side benefits: Your critical thinking skills, communication skills, presentation skills, team working skills and such related skills will also improve as a collateral to learning leadership skills. You don’t need to sweat them separately.

Our Learning Leadership at (web based programs) and the Lead to Regenerate program book will help you in the above.




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