Lead to Regenerate book – User experiences

The ‘Lead to Regenerate” book is not just for reading, but it is also meant to be “used”.  Using this book for personal reflection and agenda setting is an experience of thinking like a leader.  This experience and habit forming is essential for learning leadership. Without it, one can only get familiar with the principles.

Here are some examples of what the ‘users’ of the book experience and how they use the book as a ‘tool box’ as well.

“I have been going through various leadership enhancement program which focuses on particular type of leadership that I and my organization has chosen for me. I found “lead to regenerate” book gave me the base which could have been helpful for effectiveness of other programs. In my opinion , book is kind of leadership discovery before stepping into specific aspect of leadership. I have enjoyed exercises on time, people , work place and emotions but failed to create regenerative agenda as of now. Every leader must revisit the workout mentioned the books once in six month.”

Another feedback about using the book as a toolbox.

“BTW feedback from One of direct report and good friend, is very good, he would be writing to you directly soon. I have practically used lesson from understanding emotions to resolve some of the conflicts in team ( no two performers want to work together :-))”

The Lead to Regenerate program book has such user experiences related to every topic and workout. These experiences illustrate the thought processes of leaders.

Ultimately, one has to go through one’s own experiences and forming habit of thinking like a leader. Such learning stays and gets better and better through further use.


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