Leadership potential: what if you are short on details?

While working on determining leadership potential of people in management team of a well known and innovative company, I came across some classic questions like the above: “what if you are short on details?” You have sized up situation well. You have a clear idea of where you are going. But you stay where you are because you are short on details. You haven’t properly worked out action plan. You remain under an illusion that things will move in expected direction. But they won’t.

The Regenerative Leadership framework and our workouts (see http://www.learning-leadership.com) bring out such classic problems and help you to resolve them.. Our strengths as well as weaknesses are not cast in stone. When the context gets clearer, it is easy to come up with actions needed.

That’s what Learning Leadership‘s (www.learning-leadership.com) coaching helps you with.

See also about the self-study book: Lead to Regenerate  here http://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/

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