Leadership potential: He is qualified, articulate, and likable. Will you promote him?

The www.learning-leadership.com and Lead to Regenerate book’s  programs provide useful insights in the way people are.

Here is one example:

You have a senior executive who is very intelligent, well qualified, and articulate. He has good conceptual thinking abilities. He has risen in the company. He has been running his department for a while. He knows his subject well.

His new year’s action plan shows some important projects, several projects which could have been done last year and some minor action plans. There are too many such projects in first two months.

He has no clear goals and his action plan doesn’t seem to lead to his stated goals. He is quick to appreciate good points and is a likable person. On other hand, his people see him as someone who doesn’t fight for them. His boss thinks that he soft on people.

What will you do if you are looking to promote him for handling more responsibilities?

Shouldn’t your people decisions be informed thus?

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