What is not ‘teamwork’ ?

Teamwork is not:

1. Accepting inferior work from other team members.

2. Getting together in office canteen, cafe, or a pub for the so called ‘bonding’ (gossip). It is alright to do it though.

3.  Avoiding disagreements (though helps to express them with aim of communicating your point logically)

4.  Doing someones’s work who has simply vanished for a while without a trace

5. Not having anyone owing up the responsibility when something goes wrong

Do any such things take place in your teams?

More on teamwork:

Teamwork? Don’t lecture:  http://wp.me/p35bVL-es  and

Lead to Regenerate tip: Everyone hates the word ‘teamwork’, then what? http://wp.me/p35bVL-aU

Practice incorporating above in your work. Use program book : http://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/

or Enroll in http://www.learning-leadership.com programs for interactive coaching


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