From the coaching room: An uplifting experience

I am just out of some really absorbing, and at times grueling coaching feedback sessions with people and their respective bosses.  These sessions were part of an exercise to understand their leadership potential and ways to enhance it.

The feedback being given was based on facts and logic coming out the participants’ workouts covering all areas of their work and emotional aspects. Therefore it was detailed and pointed. Responding to our feedback needed careful thinking and handling of the inevitable stress.

Now take into account the fact that all of them are senior executives in their late 30’s or 40′ with some solid experience in R&D, or engineering, or manufacturing, or marketing, or accounting, or HR.

I was amazed by the participant’s candidness and willingness to come to terms with the ‘new’ picture of themselves.  There was struggle. There was defense.  And there was willingness to change and do better.

When you see the human spirit in action like this, it is uplifting and humbling at the same time. It makes me think: “Am I doing enough?”


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