Enhancing Leadership potential: what kind of a leader are you?

Are you a Task Oriented Leader or a Directive leader or a Participative Leader?

Are You a Telling or a Selling or a Collaborating or a Delegating Leader?

Are you a Visionary Leader or a Servant type of Leader or a Values Based Leader or a Charismatic Leader?

Which of these traits do you have as a Leader: Vitality, Stamina, Intelligence, Responsible, Great people skills, Motivating or Inspiring Presence, Achievement Orientation,  Courage, Trustworthiness, Resoluteness, Decisiveness, Confidence, Assertiveness, Humility, Flexibility? Huh!

If you keep looking, you will come across many such leadership models, styles, traits, levels, and classifications.  Confused?  Assuming that you determine your “leadership type” or “style” what do you do next to get your promotion or to do better in your current position? If you are looking to select people for that important assignment which of the types would need? Confusing indeed!

It is better to find out what you can do well(enough), what you can’t do well (enough). No, I am not talking about ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’ in the way they are usually talked about. I am talking about doing things. For example:  Can you ‘feel’ peoples’  feelings? Can you handle them?  Can you de-risk your project?  Can you achieve an important breakthrough in your process? Can you develop people for your needs?  Can you innovate? Can you develop a coherent agenda for your purpose? and many more…..Your leadership depends on the sum of such abilities and the way they are used in real situations. And this sum is greater than the parts.

The programs in Lead to Regenerate book  and on the web site www.learning-leadership.com help you find answers to above kind of questions. They help you improve your abilities through practice and enhance your leadership potential. They allow your leadership coach to assist you in your learning.

Try them.




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