Bake a cake

What are you carrying into this weekend? Was it a week of frustration? Was it a week of excitement and celebration?

Your answer may depend on what you expected from the week.  It may depend on whether you got results for your work. It may depend on whether your work was appreciated and rewarded. It may depend on whether your difficulties were recognized and acknowledged. We spend days and weeks and years of life looking for such tonics.

For most us, weeks of frustration are common and we have wait for a week of excitement and celebrations. The question is: can we ‘salvage’ those weeks of frustration?

We ‘push’ through our days and weeks of  work jumping from problem to problem and trying hard to solve them. We fail at times despite trying very hard.  But some times everything false in place and we succeed with small efforts. Did you ever think why this happens?

You will say ‘luck’. ‘Luck’ means those other factors coming together. Logic  is must, but solving most ‘real’ problems involves luck. If this is so, why fret?

Will it not help if we focus on defining a problem (or a goal), finding a good method to solve or achieve it, and just implement it in the best possible way? Can we not get satisfaction (even thrill ) by doing these things well and by practicing the required skills and by obtaining necessary help? Can we not celebrate doing these things well even before the results come in? Good results will then be an icing on the cake which we baked well. Let luck do its part.

I think it is worth trying to learn and practice baking of a cake and let our ‘luck’ provide the icing when it does. Have a great weekend!


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