Importance of design philosophy and sticking to it

We all love things that look good, feel good and work well whether they are cars, mobiles, machines or toilets. So do the healthcare professionals like surgeons, doctors, and nurses. But when it comes to an operating room (OR) they are all focused on the patient and on the medical procedure.

A well known medical equipment manufacturer came to us with the above design challenge for their endoscopy video capture instrument. Their product was up for a revamp upgrade. Since the nurses assisting the surgeon in the OR were the main users, the design philosophy of ‘choice based on the context’ and ‘visual language of familiar control combinations’ was decided. The grey scale color palette of the outgoing version was junked in favor of bright but soothing palette of blue and orange.New Interface

Several discovery sessions were conducted with the R & D team to define the instrument’s operation in its various modes like setup, preparation& preview, operation, review and archiving. OperationA navigation tree and screen wireframe were developed. The visual language design was done in parallel.

Passive Wireframe mockups were used for user walk throughs and used for updating everything. The final designs and icons were integrated with the instruments revised software.

Field trials showed that the operating room nurses loved the new intuitive and brighter user interface.

The instrument’s sales went up considerably because the field demos were enough to win confidence of users and their orders.

It is very important to develop a design philosophy and sticking to it through right techniques and tools.

Hemant Karandikar

Brand strategy, Communications, and User Interface Design

Design Directions Pvt. Ltd



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