Brand identity & visual language

It is very easy to try very hard at creating a brand identity through a so called ‘visual language’. When you try to convey things in ‘clever’ ways the results seem to be contrived. This can also happen if you try to convey too many things or if you try to combine different visual elements assuming that the result of combining them will be ‘additive’. It doesn’t work that way.

A brand identity, on the other hand, must grow out of the essence of the brand in a visual form, so that it works and continues to work for you.  Here is a great example:

wpid-wp-1411529990848.jpeg‘Pune Farmers’ Market‘ conceptualized and established by Karen Anand, a well known Culinary expert and food writer, is the first whole foods and lifestyle market and a source of exceptional Indian and International produce. When it needed to convey the essence of its offering. Falguni Gokhale, Director Visual Communications, Design Directions, Pune came up with this. wpid-wp-1411530003127.jpegInvoking the freshness of farm produce and joy associated with consuming it through a familiar visual has helped brand. The market has now spread to Mumbai, Gurgaon, Goa, and to Kolkata.



(The above logos, trademarks etc. remain the property of respective owners. They have been shown only for the purpose of illustration of the above point)




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