At a boot camp of a start-up in Agri business

Boot Camp

The weekend’s Saturday saw me participating in boot camp of a start-up in Agri business. Well, it was a pre start-up stage. The business entity is yet to be formed. But the core group of 7-8 people was huddled together planning activities over next three months and beyond. They had spend last about an year reaching into the market places and shaping their ideas.

Most of them were men in their twenties and thirties brought together by a ‘veteran’ who must be in his forties. Two other veteran’s couldn’t make it due to unavoidable reasons.

The group’s veterans were concerned about going forward without doing enough about developing their core team to take on various roles which would unravel as their business starts and picks up momentum. So, they had called me to help out.

Instead of typical psychological, motivational, or behavioral assessment stuff I discussed with them about their immediate goals and ways of achieving them. I also suggested them to think along two time windows -the next 3 months’ window and the 4 to 12 months’ window for figuring out ways of doing those activities.

This morning, the ‘veteran’ sent me a summary of the boot camp. He added a small comment:

My take: 
Operations Group was much more organized and quite logical in understanding various steps and identifying the sub-processes and projects. Their group dynamics was also quite promising. Each team member absorbed your coaching and their learning. However, they are too weak in English language. 
The Preparations Group was not organized. They had to reworked on one document and could not complete the another document. There was complete lack of group dynamics. 

It is clear, that the boot camp was quite productive. Not only they know much better about what all they need to do and how, but they also have a good idea about what kind of talent they have and what are the gaps which they will need to plug. The allocation of talent can now happen in more relaxed and rational manner.

One can also discern a remarkable and unconventional leadership by the veterans in shaping a business vision and bringing some capable people together!

I used some workouts from and my Lead to Regenerate book for the boot camp. We shall have follow up sessions and an extensive workshop down the line.

My point is: Tweet: we can recognize talent (and nurture it) through some very productive, engaging , and innovative ways like these


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