More important than finding a good job and securing that elusive promotion

With the conclusion of the series : “How to recognize talent?” when we were looking at others,  it is time to turn our attention to ourselves -to our talent.

If you don’t know what your talent is, it doesn’t mean that you have no talent. It simply means that you haven’t stumbled on it yet, unlike the luckier ones who did so. I think some of the most important questions one can ask oneself are:

“What am I good at?”

“How do I find it?”

“How do I build on it?”

“How do I make it a part of my life and work?”

I have met some people who not only found their talents but they also could make it an important part of their careers and life. I haven’t met more energetic, open, and happier people than them.

Therefore finding one’s talent and making it a nice part of one’s life is clearly the most important task. It is more important than finding a good job and securing that elusive promotion. You may land that so called ‘good job’ but your heart may not be in it and after some years you would be at loss to understand what has gone wrong despite all signs of success.

We owe it to ourselves to persist with this quest.

Our ‘Regenerative Leadership’ programs help in your quest.

Interested in knowing more about our Regenerative Leadership programs? Get in touch with me.

I help people and businesses in developing themselves through Regenerative Leadership coaching. See Learning Leadership for web based programs. You can undergo self learning program in my book Lead to Regenerate. Do keep in touch with me either here, or on Google+ , onTwitter, or through my blog Regenerate!

I consult in Branding, Communications, and User Experience Design.


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