Leaving it to your boss? 5 reasons why it’s not a bright idea

If you are like lots of knowledge workers, chances are that you leave your career in the hands of your boss and bosses. By career, I mean not just your next raise or a promotion. Your career will hopefully outlast your boss. You will want to be doing different things in future. If so, it is not a wise to leave your career in the hands of your boss. To understand what can happen, read this story of Reema

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t take things as they come:

1. Your boss may leave: you will then have to establish a good working relation with your new boss and hope she or he will take care of you.

2. Your boss doesn’t recognize your need for new skills for next career step.

3. Everybody, your boss and your other bosses, are busy in delivering results all the time

4. You have done well so far without much need for a new skills. Your talent has seen you through. This may not be always realistic.

5. You may yet get promotion due to circumstances and because your are doing well in your current job. If this happens you may get into hot water. You may continue doing your old job and will get exposed for lack of skills needed to handle a new responsibility.

The trend is that more and more alert knowledge workers are taking control of their careers. They identify what additional technical or domain skills they will need for their progress. Some of them go one step further and they invest in learning some generic skills like leadership. They rightly think that leadership skills will become more and more critical to have even when they plan to advance in specialist roles.

What are your thoughts? Did you already invest in yourself?

About me:

I help people and businesses in developing themselves through Regenerative Leadership coaching. See Learning Leadership for web based programs. You can undergo self learning program in my book Lead to Regenerate. Do keep in touch with me either here, or on Google+ , onTwitter, or through my blog Regenerate!

I consult in Branding, Communications, and User Experience Design.


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