Doing what you like most

If you ask a child what she likes doing most, pat come will her answer -“I like to draw” or “I like to dance” or ”I like to ride a bicycle” or ” I like to mimic my friends”. If she is little shy, you won’t get an answer but it’ll be easy to figure out what she enjoys most. Another kid might say “I like to play football”, or “I like to solve puzzles” or “I a like to tell jokes”

Ask this question to a room full of seasoned executives and you will get an uncomfortable silence. Burdened that we are with not just earning a livelihood but also with the never ending tasks of acquiring assets, commanding respect, and satisfying our ego we have more or less forgotten what we like to be doing most.  The kids surely do what they like doing most and as grown ups we have to think hard about it.

Yet really the most enduring successes are built on activities people enjoy doing most. This should really be our quest at all times -to find out what we we like doing most and then being at it.



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