Are you lucky in your career?

By luck, I don’t mean just a lot of money being earned or many ego trips are there. By lucky, I mean to ask, “Are you getting to do what you like doing most and getting paid for it?”

It is hard enough to find where your heart lies. It seems  harder to make money out of it for most folks. They have chosen their careers based on money earning potential of various options or simply by following the crowds.

Even if it is so, all is not lost. One can do interesting things on the sides of an ongoing paying career -like teaching, writing…. Or one can simply add an element of work which one likes in an the present career -like taking on the role of chief troubleshooter or of a mentor… The idea is to do more of what one likes to do or start liking what one is doing a bit more.

Having done the above, you need some luck. The question is, “Are you lucky?”


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