No clue about what you like doing most?

There are some of us, who find it difficult to come up with an answer to the above question. If you are one of them, here are some tips. Keep a note pad or your phone with a note app handy.

Don’t reject what comes first in your mind.

“I just like to laze around” if that’s your answer, you aren’t the only one. Write it down. Of course you are not going to be paid by anyone for doing this, unless you are a Hollywood or a Bollywood celebrity. In that case, you can charge for an appearance fee.

Think more.

” I like to find faults and criticize” your chances of getting paid are getting brighter. One day you can become an influential film critic or a tech reviewer and get paid in some ways.

“I love solving puzzles” How you might get paid for solving puzzles may not be obvious, but it is possible. So don’t reject.

“I like to do sums” If you are great with numbers, it is good gift. Make a note.

“I like chatting with people” If you can strike an easy conversation even with strangers, make a note of it too.

I am sure anyone can come up with at least one answer, if not more. The trick is not to reject any ‘doing’ . The trick is to make sure it is always about ‘doing’ (an activity) something.

Making such a list will give you more ideas and clues. Do follow them up. You might well be on the verge of an interesting career.

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