Developing your career around what you like doing most

Right, you know pretty well what you like doing most and doing it makes you feel good. Be it writing, or making new acquaintances, or researching, or something else, you have to take it further to make a career out of it.

To keep doing those interesting things (well enough) you need some skills. In order to do counseling you need skills like active listening, emotional skills, verbal skills etc. In order to do troubleshooting you need to be good at making observations, analytical thinking, and out-of-box thinking. In order order to do programming you need to do definition of purpose, conceptual thinking on methods for fulfilling the purpose, and actual programming well. The list of skills mentioned above may not be complete, but I hope you get the idea.

You need to decide which skills you are going to need and how good you are in those skills. You will to need to set benchmarks and make learning plans to meet them.

Developing your career around what you quite like doing, is a challenge. We shall look into which other things you need to do, in future blog posts.

About me:

I help people and businesses in developing themselves through Regenerative Leadership coaching. See Learning Leadership for web based programs. You can undergo self learning program in my book Lead to Regenerate. Do keep in touch with me either here, or on Google+ , onTwitter, or through my blog Regenerate!

I consult in Branding, Communications, and User Experience Design.


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