Reach out to get help with your new career

You have a good idea of what you like doing the most. Whatever it is -it is something which makes you feel good while thinking about it, while doing it, and after doing it.  Whether it is writing, dancing, programming, or anything else you know you are quite good at it. You also have a good idea of how your proficiency can be of use to others. E.g. if you quite like programming, you know in which areas your skill will be valued. You have gone further and understood things other than your favorite activity which you will need to do. (E.g. you know that you will need some relevant domain knowledge  and you will need to keep working in that domain if your programming skills have to be useful to your potential employer or customer). You are also getting yourself some practice.

If you have come this far, you probably know some knowledgeable people who might be able to help you in making the career transition (or substantial progress in your existing career).  It is right time to start reaching out to such people. You should look for help in the following areas:

1. Knowing more about your new career- skills needed, potential customers or employers, additional skills needed, range of remuneration, certifications needed.

2. Evaluating your skills and improving them.

3. Getting more relevant practice through projects, internships etc.

4. Professional tools and learning resources

Reach out to coaches, trainers, mentors, professionals, customers, employers in the above manner and practice your core skills. By the time your first opportunity comes knocking, you will be in a much better position to stake your claim for being considered favorably.

This is the classic preparation  ‘know, practice, benchmark, improvise’ cycle. If you truly enjoy this cycle,  it can’t fail you whatever your goals are.

Checkout this complete self-study book for enhancing your leadership skills: Lead to Regenerate


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