Get help for your new career

In one of the previous posts I had suggested that you should start practicing what you intend to do in your new career much before you leap.  In to addition other actions suggested, you should identify people who might be of help. (To read about other actions, search this blog using ‘career‘ as a keyword or click career in the drop-down list of categories or click the word in the tag cloud)

Consider this example. Supposing you are planning to start a fresh career in coding for big data applications. You are currently working in enterprise solutions. You will need contacts in the field of big data. Some of your currents contacts can help you to get introduced to relevant people. Start asking around those whom you know well.

Switching career involves getting into new networks. Your contacts from current career might rarely be of direct help. Getting into right networks is the most important success factor.  You are going to need help of experts, a mentor, those might give you some work (e.g. internships or freelancing), those who might help you with tools and facilities, and of those who can evaluate your work.

Coaches and mentors can accelerate your learning. They can help you deciding what not to do as well -very important since you don’t wish to go on a wrong track.  Coaching is crucial in certain careers – for example, managerial careers.  It is difficult to assess oneself in such careers because you can’t observe yourself . You can’t clearly remember what you did. Therefore, self assessment is difficult. You also may not be aware about the new skills needed for doing a next level leader’s job. You may not even know about the benchmarks of performance. A good coach can help in all above.  Read more in this series on coaching

Do evaluate your preparedness for a new career.




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