Planning a new career? Become useful!

This piece is the last in the series on building new careers.  We have seen that preparing for a new career takes some serious planning, commitment, and efforts. We are so focused on getting that first job, assignment, or break that we often forget a vital ingredient of success in this long and uncertain journey. We continue to forget it because we then remain busy in getting the next job.

This ingredient is: ‘giving’ The ‘giving’ that I am referring to is not about writing a cheque for charity. We need to give in the form of using our knowledge, talents, and hard earned skills for being useful to others who may need them. We must become useful through what we can do best and through what we like doing most.

Ashok is currently working in a private company as production manager. His dream is to become a writer. He would eventually like to make a switch to writing as career. As he hones his writing skills, Ashok should consider offering his writing services to people who wish to write books but are too busy or don’t have good writing skills. Writing for others will give him an exposure to capturing others’ thought and re-arranging, grouping, and improving them.  He can also get used to his work being evaluated and commented upon. He will get better in analyzing comments and incorporating them. All this will give him a chance to see how he good feels about writing as a career.  If Ashok ‘gives’ through his writing services he will learn and earn goodwill. What we send out returns to us in much bigger form.The goodwill earned by using our talents is essential for our success.

Doing what you do best and doing what you like most while being useful to others is an excellent test for yourself. If pass your own test you will excel in the tests by the world.

About me:

I help people and businesses in regenerating themselves through Regenerative Leadership coaching. See Learning Leadership for web based programs.  You can undergo self learning program in my book Lead to Regenerate. Stay in touch with me here Google+ , on Twitter, or through my blog Regenerate!

I consult in Branding, Communications, and User Experience Design with Design Directions, a design studio


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