Leadership & Strategy Concepts

To leaders at the enterprise level or at the highest levels of an organization the “Regenerative Leadership” framework used in the Lead to Regenerate book provides a comprehensive and principles-based way of strategic thinking and agenda setting. Order the book

1. Disruptive innovation, Blue Sky thinking, paradigm shifts: Our framework encourages leaders to think across the industry value chains and across business models. Fresh thinking on ‘familiar’ subjects gets help through capturing ideas and connecting them with business logic.

2. Eco-sytem & external environment: The value chain thinking mentioned above makes mapping of eco-system considerations possible. Sensitivity to change and signals of change is raised through specific workouts. The Regenerative Leaders learn to link the changes to projects and processes in their areas.

3. Enterprise Risk management: In a fast changing world understanding risks and mitigating them systematically is important. The Regenerative Leadership programs integrate ‘risk thinking’ into handling of projects raising sensitivity to risks. This is the first step. This thinking habit is extended to strategy formulation by connecting strategy to projects, processes, and the composition of the top team.

4. Stakeholder communications: When the organization is being led (at various levels) through the above thought processes and actions, communicating to customers, markets, investors, employees, government, and the society is straightforward. Both the risk sensitivity and values practiced through processes give required assurance to the stake holders.

5. Measuring organizational performance and diagnosis (Balanced Scorecards is one the well known methods): The “Regenerative Leadership” framework encourages top leaders to line up specific actions in terms of goals, strategies, projects (enterprise initiatives), processes, and people. When these are reviewed and updated regularly, the resulting information trends provide leading indicators of where the organization is headed. The ‘score keeping’ thus evolves.


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