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Overview of courses \ workshops by Hemant Karandikar

Hemant Karandikar* teaches and trains in the areas of leadership and management. A summary of some of his programs is given below. Hemant develops customized programs for specific needs.
Hemant brings a very effective method of developing leadership – leadership coaching, to every company.

No. Course Name and description Corporate \ Executives B-School \Engg\ Design Students
1 Regenerative Leadership -Principles of business, organization, management, and leadership. Through exercises, agenda setting and coaching. Based on program book:  Lead to Regenerate In workshop (2 days) format or course format (Weekly lectures) In Course format (weekly lectures)
2 Emotional Leadership -emotions, their effects and power, handling them, using them for progress. Theory and exercises. Workshop (Half Day) format In course format (weekly lectures)
3 Design Thinking – Empathizing, Creative and Critical thinking. Problem definition and problem solving. Prototyping and Testing.  Design and Creation iterations.  Through thinking workouts  and a final assignment. Workshop 2 days Workshop 2 days
4 Jargon Jungle – How to use path breaking business, management, technology concepts behind popular jargon. Based on the ebook Jargon Jungle Weekly lecture format / Half day workshop on selected topics Weekly lecture format
5 Business Process Management and Breakthrough Techniques Principles of process management and breakthroughs, exercises Workshop (1 day) format or Weekly lecture format Weekly Lecture format


Leadership coaching that takes place over say three months is superior to classroom training that takes place over few days.

Leadership coaching or executive coaching is popular in the developed economies like the US & Europe. But it is expensive because it usually involves meeting of an experienced leadership coach with the executive who wishes to improve leadership skills and solve business problems. Therefore it has been out of reach for small & medium size companies.

Wherever you are

Programs are also available online. They can be accessed from anywhere. Coaching by an expert is delivered online through individual and dedicated exercises. Such a coaching support is available usually for a block of three months allowing enough time for learning for an executive.

Learn by doing

Since exercises are directly related to an executive’s work, the learning effort and coaching inputs can be directly applied to day to day work. During this period an executive can revise and resubmit exercises for based on improved thinking. The exercises result in a leader’s action plan which can be monitored.



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