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Read more about the complete self-study book for enhancing your leadership skills and ordering it here: Lead to Regenerate

Review by a reader and a user

Hi Hemant
Sharing my view of Lead to Regenerate, excellent leadership book.

Excellent handbook that help rediscovering your leadership style and forcing individual to regenerate. It truly can force leaders to do more with less and go beyond boundaries of constraints. Work book is extremely practical but sometimes I have struggled with my inner, honest response to certain exercises vs. what I have been practicing in my professional and personal life.

I have been going through various leadership enhancement program which focuses on particular type of leadership that I and my organization has chosen for me. I found “lead to regenerate” book gave me the base which could have been helpful for effectiveness of other programs. In my opinion , book is kind of leadership discovery before stepping into specific aspect of leadership. I have enjoyed exercises on time, people , work place and emotions but failed to create regenerative agenda as of now. Every leader must revisit the workout mentioned the books once in six month.

Good flow of topics, rich in contents and relevance. Reading leadership/management book in workbook format was kind of odd for self learning program. Book size is good for in person workshop, Had I not known the author I would have not bought the book just by looking at its size and external design. Design flow takes one into student mode, sometime good but forces reader to search for excuse. Better attractive design could have helped.

Great one Hemant.


Manoj Deshpande
Head service delivery and product strategy and development for sustainability business unit, in a Major IT Company

Update! The IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation & IIT Bombay Alumni Association  have featured Hemant Karandikar, the author of the book Lead to Regenerate as the The Author of the Month -May 2013.

His interview can be read here:

Business leaders, leadership experts, and media have reviewed the “Lead to Regenerate” . (Read more about the book, publisher, and how to obtain it here  )

Here are some excerpts.

“This is a wonderfully practical, interactive, and experientially useful approach to leadership.”

James Campbell (Jim) Quick, John and Judy Goolsby – Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair, Goolsby Leadership Academy, College of Business, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA and Honorary Professor, Lancaster University Management School, UK

“The book is a breath of fresh air.”

Atul Kirloskar, Executive Chairman, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.

I recommend this book to leaders at all levels including middle managers, business heads, intrapreneures, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and to those who aspire to be any of these.

Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd.

I am confident that the readers will find the practical insights and methodologies in the book useful and relevant for their own development as well as those around them.

Prashant Ranade, Chief Executive Officer and President, Syntel INC ( NASDAQ: SYNT)

For complete text of the above reviews, see the book.

Reviews  and interviews which came in later:

Indian Express, Pune March 26:  

Management Students can now find new perspectives in Hemant Karandikar’s “Lead to Regenerate” bookmore

Financial Express, March 26 (web edition) Read here

Makarand Karakare, a senior business leader and thinker:

“Hemant doesn’t believe in giving you reams of advice to digest with nothing to practice. Instead, he gives you some words of wisdom and then gives you clear exercises to experience the wisdom on your own, so it internalizes. He calls his exercises “workouts”. A very apt term I would say. Just as workouts in the gym build one’s muscles, these workouts build your thinking muscles.”

“In some ways, I would compare these workouts to Edward De Bono’s Thinking Tools, orCoRT tools, specifically applied to different areas.”

 read Makarand’s  full review

Hindu Business Line, March 5, 2013, by Vinay Kamath read full article here

“Pune-based Hemant Karandikar, an IIT Bombay alumnus and business strategy specialist, has written a workbook based on a framework of what he calls regenerative leadership. This uses self-generating and self-propagating ideas and values that an individual, be it a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or a mid-level manager, can apply himself. The concept, he says, is based on reflection and self-discovery”

Carving Leaders” by Ishani Bose in DNA of May 21, 2013 reviews ‘Lead to Regenerate’. To quote:

“And with an ocean of books on the topic, not all are able to help, but not Hemant Karandikar’s Lead to Regenerate. A practical, workbook-format it isn’t a book which goes back onto the shelf after being read. It is meant to be used and worked upon in. Covering leadership principles through different concepts, exercises, and examples it is a self-learning and assessment book.”

Read more about the complete self-study book for enhancing your leadership skills and ordering it here: Lead to Regenerate



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