Going the extra mile with executive coaching

A good executive coach can help you learn faster, save opportunity costs. #JargonJungle (This article written by me was first published on bloncampus.com here ) “I’ll coach you,” Martin, my senior colleague, told me. I was in Germany at the time, preparing for an important sales negotiation to win a big project. The customer was a … More Going the extra mile with executive coaching

Emotional Leadership @ Univ of Texas, Arlington

Another batch of MBA students recently completed Learning Leadership’s (http://www.learning-leadership.com) Emotional Leadership online program under the guidance of Professor James Campbell Quick, John and Judy Goolsby – Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair, Goolsby Leadership Academy, College of Business, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA. The program imparted depth to the leadership course by letting … More Emotional Leadership @ Univ of Texas, Arlington

Building a leadership pipeline?

If your company is planning to build a pipeline of leaders then please do not forget to ask for a sample copy of an individual’s Leadership Diagnostics & Development Report. Learning Leadership’s executive coaching is based on comprehensive and rigorous work based exercises. These workouts let our experienced leadership coaches observe executives’ thinking. Our executive … More Building a leadership pipeline?